Reveal to Heal: A Mental Health Series for Women of Color in STEM


by Chrystelle L. Vilfranc

Part of being proactive about my mental health means doing more of the things that I enjoy, such as non-scientific based writing. I have been working on this series which addresses different aspects of mental health and wellness. In this series, I will share my original pieces as well as helpful mental wellness resources from around the interwebs. This week I’m sharing a few articles about mental health, burnout in STEM, and depression amongst PhDs. Let’s talk about it! Follow me on this journey as we unpack the many layers of mental health and wellness. 

Why is it so important to talk about mental illness? For one, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently listed depression as the leading cause of poor health globally. Brittney McNamara of Teen Voguebreaks down the reports from WHO very well for us.

McNamara reports that in just ten years, WHO has found an 18% increase in the number of individuals living with depression. They have linked depression to other diseases such as, substance use disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. This article reiterates that stigmas surrounding mental illness often prevent individuals from seeking the help that they need. Thankfully, many more people are starting conversations on mental health. Check out McNamara’s piece and other Teen Vogue articles like, The Mighty‘s pieces on Being a Friend With Depression and the Descriptions of Living With Both Anxiety and Depression. Can we applaud Teen Vogue for coming through with the conversations on mental health?

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