Episode 4.4: Minding Your Mental Health


May is mental health awareness month and a good time to take stock of the attention you’re paying (or not) to yourself. No matter where you are in your #STEM journey your mental health is of utmost importance. Our main goal for this advice-driven and practical show was to normalize good health practices, introduce you to women of color who are also mental health specialists and practitioners, answer your questions and activate the tremendous wisdom of the #VSVillage. We’re elated to welcome Dr. Ama Rowe (M.D., Behavioral Psychology) and Dr. Silvia Lorena Mazzula (Ph.D. Counseling Psychology) as our featured guests and well-springs of information to guide us through this essential conversation.

Host: Jedidah Isler, Ph.D. // Guests: Ama Rowe, M.D.; Silvia Lorena Mazzula, Ph.D.