Episode 6.1: A Wrinkle in Wakanda: Where Shuri Thrives


Wakanda is a secret space we’ve come to regard as a utopia, and while it is enriched, empowered and fiercely autonomous, even for Shuri to thrive in it, she must wrinkle its constructs and create her own secret space in which the fullness of her self, her intelligence and her potential can thrive. This is Shuri’s reality, and as g/WoC and NBPoC in STEM, it is our reality, too. In episode 6.1, we talk through the reality of Shuri, the notion of counter spaces, and the challenge of upending the current standards in STEM. 

Co-hosts: Jedidah Isler, Ph.D.; Natasha Berryman, M.A. Student; Anicca Harriot, Ph.D. Student